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Save your precious time by ordering cleaning from specialists who study the art of cleaning at ISSA and are constantly checked by me for the quality of the services provided to you and knowledge of the cleaning standards set by ISSA!

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Cleaning services from the Woklend cleaning company are for those who value their time, which is always in short supply and wants to receive high quality! Thanks to cleaning services, you will free up the time necessary for vital life tasks, such as teaching, running a business, or raising children, and you will receive cleanliness, which is vital for maintaining your health and mental balance!
Everyone should do only their own work in order to have the correct distribution of work and rest during the day and lead a balanced lifestyle! Entrust cleaning to professionals in their field and make sure that it is convenient and of high quality!


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Experienced cleaners

Our cleaners learn the cleaning craft at reputable cleaning establishments like ACI, ISSA, and BICSc!

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Customized Schedules

All our employees have individual work schedules, you can order services only from an employee whose work quality you think is the best!

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Professional equipment

We use modern cleaning equipment capable of not only removing dust and dirt from surfaces but also destroying microorganisms invisible to the human eye!

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Extra Care Hygiene

We try to use only detergents approved by the EPA itself, the quality and environmental friendliness of which there is no doubt!

Customer opinions about us

We are glad that the company uses new cleaning equipment that absorbs more than 95% of harmful microorganisms that cannot be seen by the human eye, and not old equipment that, on the contrary, throws existing microorganisms accumulated and multiplied over the years of use into our premises!

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We see the company's greatest strength in learning more environmentally friendly cleaning methods! For example, they wash the dishes with natural, environmentally friendly mustard, and not with chemical detergents that need to be washed out of the dishes for a long time and persistently so that hazardous chemicals do not enter the body with the next meal, and all cleaning specialists with whom we worked avoid this difficult work. in order to save personal time and preserve the skin of your hands!

John businessman

It's good that the company accepts cash payments! I can pay specialists exactly what they deserve without overpaying 80% of the money into the pocket of the people who manage the site and its advertising on the Internet, the quality of which I am not able to check! If the Internet department of the company works well, then the cleaning specialist himself will be able to understand this and pay them exactly as much money as they deserve!

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